Pay as little as 13 pence per day

pirkx is priced to be accessible to all, and with payment options to suit you.

You can choose to pay for the pirkx membership either monthly, quarterly or annually. There is no commitment beyond the payment frequency you choose. If you pay annually your membership is £45, less than 13 pence per day.

Pay your first payment by Debit or Credit card using our secure payment provider and we will set up a Direct Debit payment for subsequent payments.

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Payments Price per member Total price per year Saving
Monthly £4.50 per month £54 -
Quarterly £12 per quarter £48 (one and a half months free) £6
Annually £45 per year £45 (two months free) £9
Payments Monthly Quarterly Annually
Price per member £4.50 per month £12 per quarter £45 per year
Total price per year £54 £48 (112 month free) £45 2 month free
Saving - £6 £9

With a low cost of as little as 13 pence per day and payment options to suit your circumstances, pirkx is a great low-cost yet extremely valuable benefits package to reward you and your team.

Join the pirkx movement

Join pirkx for free as a Company, Association, Charity, Club or Public Sector Body and invite your team to join pirkx – whether they’re employees or contract workers. You can decide who you pay for or simply just give them access to join and pay for themselves (just £4.50 per month).

If you are an employee or contract worker ask your Company, Association, Charity, Club or Public Sector Body to join pirkx so that you may become a member – click here to send them an invite.

If you own your own limited company, join pirkx and access all the great benefits for yourself for £4.50 per month.

pirkx Counsellor

A counselling service is the cornerstone of any integrated health and wellbeing initiative and provides direct telephone access to an advisory support service, for members and their families.

Join as a company association, charity, club or public body and you can choose to purchase or give access to this telephone counselling support service for your members.

All counsellors are accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and work within the framework of the BACP code of ethics at all times. The service is delivered nationwide and is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Personalise your pirkx

Join as a Company, Association, Charity, Club or Public Sector Body and personalise pirkx for your members for free.

Add your logo, your choice of colours, a banner and your own pages to highlight to your members your great benefits and/ or to provide weblinks to pertinent information, for example a pension policy or to your discounts.

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Buy pirkx for your team

If you are VAT registered you may be able to reclaim VAT. All pirkx pricing is charged inclusive of VAT at the current rate.

Pirkx team

Company pays for 9x annual memberships at £45 incl VAT each.

VAT is included at 20% = £7.50 each.

Company reclaims VAT of £7.50 each.

Annual cost to company of pirkx membership is £37.50 per worker.