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No matter how they work, you can give your people the mental, physical and financial wellbeing benefits previously only available in large companies.

Because pirkx is by subscription, you can buy it for your employees, contractors or volunteers. You can even invite them to self-pay. Give them access to a world of mental health support, options for physical fitness, over 2,000 ways to save money, and over 100,000 courses. In the past, companies needed an HR team to pull this together, but you can set up pirkx online in just minutes. We’ve done the hard work so that you don’t have to. We even let you join for as little as 1 month. There’s no lock in – we think you’ll stay because you love it.

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Don’t just take our word for it! Hear from our members.

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Your Benefits

Here’s some of the benefits you could start enjoying straight away.

Travel money

Fair and fabulous, no commission travel money straight to your door and amazing foreign exchange rates on international payments.

Shopping Savings

Stretch your money further with savings on all the everyday categories including food, clothes, DIY and movies.

Money advice

Free and impartial money advice, set up by government.

Free Credit reports

Free access to your credit score.

Private Travel Club

Get a discount to a private travel club.

Support for a irregular income

A subscription-based credit provider that supports those who have an irregular income.

Free Lottery

A free to enter Lotto to give you the chance to win an amazing £1,000 every month just by entering your lucky numbers.


£100 off, the easy to fold, adjustable and portable electric bike.

Debt Support

Free debt management help.


A little thanks goes a long way. Send kudos privately and publicly, and let your team know that you care and even include a eGift card

Latest surveys

Gain quick insight into the wellbeing of your workforce and feedback from your clients.

Shopping Savings

Stretch your money further with savings on all the everyday categories including food, clothes, DIY and movies.


Call the confidential pirkx counsellor 24/7 365 days a year, and build your resilience skills. We are here to listen and help you.

Courses for business skills

Developing soft skills to help you succeed.

Courses for managing people

Developing soft skills to help you succeed.

Courses for children & students

Develop skills for the future.

EQ & Soft skills

EQ and soft skills training courses.

First aid

First aid and CPR training.

Cyber safety

Cyber Safety courses.

Accredited courses

We offer internationally recognised qualifications from the UK's leading training providers.

Learning courses

Learn big. Spend little. With huge discounts available and access to over 100,000 courses, a world of learning awaits!

Mental health Help Books

Access to helpbooks on a range of topics to develop mental health resilience

What It includes

Access the rewards and benefits you want all in one place.

pirkx brings together the tools and offers that help you manage your mental and physical health in an affordable way. Improve your financial wellbeing by using pirkx to save on everyday expenditure.




For myself

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For my workforce

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24/7 telephone and online GP service and prescription service

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24/7 dedicated telephone counselling service and mental health advice

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Access to an interactive app to improve mental health resilience

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Virtual gym classes for all abilities & discounted gym membership

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Discounted eye care & nutrition advice

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Virtual physiotherapy & discounted health insurances

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New born advice

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Elderly care advice

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Over 4,000 shopping discounts from major retailers, including major supermarket brands

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Money advice, credit score advice, debt help

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Discounts on travel money & international payments

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Free monthly lottery to win £1,000

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Discounts on holidays and days out

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40% off cinema tickets

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Free online training courses from book keeping to managerial skills to first aid

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Discount on accredited courses

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Cyber safe courses

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Courses for the whole family

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Access to the things businesses need

Free access to create your own Pulse Surveys

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Give kudos to your colleagues for improved recognition

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Send gift cards to your workforce and clients

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Corporate discounted insurances

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Corporate discounted luxury travel

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Because your brand matters

Free to personalise, add your branding and colours

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Free to add your own content in minutes

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Invite your team, clients and corporate clients

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Benefits for the whole household

pirkx is for your family too. pirkx is for you and those you love. There’s something for everyone in pirkx.

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