The full package for the Gig Economy

pirkx provides a package of benefits and savings for individuals in order to extend their income spending potential and enhance their health and financial well being.

pirkx is a pioneering force in the benefits market aimed specifically at all companies, associations and charities with contractors as well as employees. It was founded by a team with experience in the People Benefits industry, business owners and people working in the "Gig Economy".

The number of self employed workers in the UK is increasing. The so called "Gig Economy" is benefiting consumers through flexible and low cost services and gives organisations an opportunity to utilise non-permanent, on-demand talent to undertake work. However organisations need to recruit and retain the best talent and that's where pirkx comes in.

Happy workers means better retention of high value talent, which is great for everyone.

What is the Gig Economy?

In the gig economy, instead of a regular salary, workers get paid for the work "gigs" they do.

In the UK it's estimated that five million people are employed in this capacity. This spans most industries including construction, legal, education, technology, retail and transport.

Working with the best

Our benefits solution is powered by People Value, a leading provider of motivation solutions in the UK and Europe, and BHSF, a market-leading not-for-profit provider of Health Insurance since 1873.

We continually look to partner with the best, bringing more great additions to the pirkx package.

Now we would like to work with you.

People value

The pirkx team

The pirkx team brings together everything we need to create the ‘full package’.

  • Stella smith profile Stella smith profile
    Stella Smith

    Founder, CEO

  • Craig caveney profile Craig caveney profile
    Craig Caveney

    Founder, CTO

  • Ella hamilton profile Ella hamilton profile
    Ella Hamilton

    MD, Australia

  • Daniel shakhani profile Daniel shakhani profile
    Daniel Shakhani


  • Dan cobely Dan cobely
    Dan Cobley


  • Todd ruppert Todd ruppert
    Todd Ruppert

    Non-executive Director

  • Matt lowen profile Matt lowen profile
    Matt Lowman

    Investment Manager

  • Clare cozens profile Clare cozens profile
    Clare Cozens

    UK Customer Lead

  • Lucy latest Lucy latest
    Lucy Schofield


  • Miles goodworth profile pic Miles goodworth profile pic
    Miles Goodworth


  • Krys wojnarowicz profile Krys wojnarowicz profile
    Krys Wojnarowicz


  • Marc petherick profile Marc petherick profile
    Marc Petherick


Development Team

  • Nv img Nv img
    Nikhil Verma, Project Manager
  • Khursheed pic Khursheed pic
    Khursheed Alam, Lead Developer
  • Aakash img Aakash img
    Aakash Sirdhana, Lead UI/UX

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If you are an employee or contract worker ask your Company, Association, Charity, Club or Public Sector Body to join pirkx so that you may become a member – click here to send them an invite.

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