Your access to benefits worth £,000s per year

When you become a pirkx member, you unlock access to benefits worth thousands of pounds per year. From online access to GPs through to shopping cashback, restaurant discounts and free entry into a lotto prize draw, there is a wide range of benefits at your fingertips.

Whether you are a charity, company or an association – it’s free to join – you invite your team and decide who you pay for (just £4.50 per month) or give them access to join and they pay for themselves (just £4.50 per month).

24 hour telephone access to qualified GPs

worth £240 per year*or more

All pirkx members and their families get 24 hour, 7 days a week telephone access to a GP, and online face to face access to a GP Monday to Friday 8:30am to 10pm, Saturday 8am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm. The GPs have exactly the same qualifications as your own NHS GP. All GPs are GMC registered, licenced and on the NHS Performers list qualifying them as fit to practice.

This means you can see a qualified GP when you need to at a time that’s convenient for you, plus have any prescribed medicine delivered to your home, office or local pharmacy.

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Save at favourite retailers & restaurants

worth £840 per year**or more

From cashback in your favourite supermarkets to discounts in popular high street restaurant chains, you have a great choice with your pirkx membership. A selection of popular brands are shown below.

Health & Wellbeing Benefits

worth £86 per year***or more

As a pirkx member you receive discounted gym membership. You also get access to Virtual gym classes.

Your membership also gets you access to purchase private medical insurance health plans. “The Zone” offers a range of online programmes to get your work/life balance in harmony and there is an Elderly Care Helpline to provide advice and help to find the right care for your loved ones.

Wellbing icn

Financial wellbeing & discounts

worth £100 per year****or more

All pirkx members get access to discounted travel money, foreign exchange and international payments.

Members can also access money guidance and debt management literature as well as receive access to preferred pricing for life insurance, cancer care cover, health cash plans and personal accident insurance via our connection to group assurance providers.

Plus there are free to enter competitions and a free monthly lottery with a prize of £3,000.

Mone benifit icn

For just £4.50 per month, being a pirkx member gives you access to all these benefits and more, saving you thousands of pounds per year.

Calculate your savings

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Benefits calculator

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Join the pirkx movement

Join pirkx for free as a Company, Association, Charity, Club or Public Sector Body and invite your team to join pirkx – whether they’re employees or contract workers. You can decide who you pay for or simply just give them access to join and pay for themselves (just £4.50 per month).

If you are an employee or contract worker ask your Company, Association, Charity, Club or Public Sector Body to join pirkx so that you may become a member – click here.

If you own your own limited company, join pirkx and access all the great benefits for yourself for £4.50 per month.

*Market price for online access to face to face online doctor, as of June 2018.

**based on average monthly expenditure of £1000 and a discount or cash back of 7%.

***based on average gym membership of £32 a month discounted by 10%.

****based on £1,000 of travel money exchanged per year and lottery entry price of 50 pence.